Lipon's Office of Evil
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A-011 upon initial discovery.

Object Number: A-011

Containment Requirements: Low

Threat Level: High

Containment Procedures: A-011 is to be locked in a safe with a level 4 keycard scanner within Site-16's inanimate sector. The room is to be guarded by a single armed guard at all times to prevent A-011 from being stolen. All liquids are prohibited when handling A-011 unless it has been allowed for testing purposes. All personnel looking to test A-011's anomalous properties must acquire permission from a level 4 personnel or above. Under no circumstance should A-011 be exposed to any liquid outside of a testing environment, failure to comply will result in termination.

Description: A-011 is a shard of cyan stained glass approximately 5 cm in length, 4 cm in width, and 2 cm in height. In all recorded tests A-011 appears to be indestructible. A-011 was found in northern ███████, after reports of "someone able to stand on a lake without falling in". A GEAR task force was called to investigate and discovered A-011 approximately 2 meters away from the anomalous lake and it was relocated to Site-16 the same day.

A-011's anomalous properties manifest when A-011 comes in contact with any liquid. Any liquid to come in contact with A-011 both properties of glass as well as the original liquid will instantly manifest. The liquid appears to have both the ability to flow in the same way and speed as the original liquid, but also remain solid in a somewhat non-Newtonian fluid like structure. The physics of these properties are not yet understood.

The new substance also becomes as tough as glass and seems the liquid has some form of intelligence. When the byproduct of A-011 is broken, whether by outside interference or not, it becomes aggressive and attempts to jet out in a geyser-like fashion, and will home in towards its aggressor attempting to form around them or any other living organism within its reach. The shape of the jet is liquid and flexible at the base and solid and pointed, similar to shards of glass, at the tip The general speed of this glass can range from 58 km/h to 101 km/h. When an organism is captured by the glass, it'll be pierced repeatedly until there is nothing left but a red bloodstain in the glass. The glass can only stretch approximately 10 meters from the initial breaking point, making an attacker's escape decently easy.

Addendum: Although the liquid glass created from A-011 is extremely dangerous, research is in progress to see if it can be manufactured and sold for aesthetic purposes.

Test log Alpha - February 4th, 2018

Subject: Dr. Joshua, Dr. Hart, and Dr. Ferdinand.
Procedure: Attempt to fill a glass tank with at least 15 liters of water after it has been exposed to A-011. Dr. Joshua was instructed to pour the substance into the tank.
Results: Upon pouring, the liquid shattered and consumed Dr. Joshua's upper torso killing him instantly.
Analysis: The A-011 liquid did not merge with the glass tank, it seems only A-011 can turn liquid to a glass-like substance.
Sidenotes: Dr. Ferdinand was promptly terminated after using nonexpendable personnel, and Dr. Hart will now be taking full responsibility in further testing with A-011.

Test log Beta - February 28th, 2018

Subject: One expendable personnel.
Procedure: The subject is told to turn a valve that will pump out A-011 affected water into an air-tight glass tank through a system of pipes.
Results: The A-011 affected liquid shattered upon impact bursting through the glass tank and piercing the subject.
Analysis: It seems that the water affected by A-011 is stronger than we first hypothesized. Thinking about this substance like water isn't going to help. It needs to be thought of in an entirely new way.

Test log Gamma - February 29th, 2018

Subject: One expendable personnel.
Procedure: Fill a plastic tank with non-affected water, then the subject will insert A-011 into the body of water.
Results: The body of water transformed into the glass-like substance and no shatters or deaths occurred.
Analysis: This method of containment seemed optimal. Though further testing is required for safety and aesthetics.

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