Saint's Workshop of Wonders
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Object Number: A-013

Containment Requirements: Medium

Threat Level: Medium

Containment Procedures: A-013 is to be contained within an artificial habitat measuring 25 meters by 25 meters by 5 meters in Site-16's Wildlife Sector.

Description: A-013 is a colony of twenty-three Brachinus (Bombardier Beetle) initially discovered in the Amazon Rainforest. A-013 are genetically identical to the Brachinus, except one difference in the way it defends itself. Instead of spraying 1,4 Benzoquinone, A-013 sprays molten gold. The method by which A-013 produces the gold is unknown. Dissection and similar procedures are prohibited due to the limited number of instances of A-013.

A-013 was initially discovered by an expedition of Coleopterologists1 attempting to track Bombardier Beetles. The Coleopterologists were reported missing, and local authorities went searching for the party. The authorities found the Coleopterologists severely burned and coated in molten gold, none of the Coleopterologists survived. A GEAR task force was called to come in and contain A-013 after the authorities suffered 3 casualties.

Note from Dr. Saint:
So… Currently my division of researchers are trying to figure out a way of making a profit from these money machines. We are currently on our 4th prototype and down a scientist (Peace be with Maverick). At this point, we are really close to making a breakthrough. If this prototype actually works and we can increase the population in the colony, we would be able to use the gold for a great source of funding. Still, all of this is just hopes and dreams, we may not even be able to collect the gold safely. Anyways, I'll keep this updated with our progress.

Note from Dr. Saint:
It seems to work! The newest and hopefully last prototype which is now known as GSE-13 is fully functioning. We managed to collect 50 ml in an hour! If we keep this running constantly we would never need funding again. We also could use it in manufacturing some of our computer parts, instead of having to buy them. All in all, things are looking up. This is Dr. Saint, signing off.

Note from Dr. Saint:
Well fuckety, fuck, fuck! We messed up really bad. We killed almost the entire colony… It turns out they only have a finite amount of the gold. We have 5 specimens left, 2 males and 3 females. Let's hope we are able to bring up their population and make sure not to kill them all off. This is Dr. Saint signing off.

Note from Dr. Saint:
Well, the higher-ups are gonna have my ass after this. They didn't mate, we tried so hard. They just didn't want to I guess. It was looking okay as a male and female showed signs of interest. We all left for the night hoping we'd have progressed in the morning. When we came back we discovered that the 3 of the 5 were crushed, of course, it was the two males and a female. We are still trying to figure out who killed them, we do have some leads but nothing concrete. I am now taking the responsibility of A-013 since there are only two left. This was my mistake and I need to accept that. Once the instances die I will be doing a complete dissection. This is Dr. Saint signing off, possibly for the last time.

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